Avoid Doing These 5 Things After Meals

It is very important to follow some dietary rules to keep yourself healthy. Often, due to wrong eating habits, health gets affected. If we follow proper dietary rules, we can maintain our health in a optimum condition.

Do not bath immediately after meals
You should avoid bathing immediately after meals. According to experts, bathing after eating will reduce the body temperature which affects the digestive tract.

Sleeping habits are harmful after meals
Many people have a habit of sleeping after a meal; however this habit is not good for your health. According to experts, the body needs to work harder to get the food digested; however if slept immediately after meal it can lead to problems such as indigestion, weight gain.

Avoid smoking
Do not smoke immediately after meal, it can badly affected your lungs.

Avoid eating fruit
Do not eat fruit immediately after eating. Eating fruits after lunch or dinner can slow the digestion process. It can cause acidity, inflammation and gas problems.

Avoid drinking tea
Drinking tea immediately after meals can be harmful to health, hence drink tea at least one to two hours after eating.