Benefits Of Eating Bananas Regularly

It is a myth that eating bananas increases obesity; however eating bananas does not increase weight, but has lot of health benefits. Following are benefits of eating bananas:

  • It keeps blood pressure under control.
  • It makes bones strong and is beneficial for women.
  • Eating bananas decreases the depression.
  • Vitamin B6 in banana prevents blood glucose.
  • Iron in the banana reduces the risk of anemia.
  • It helps in reducing morning fatigue.

Bananas And Hot Water For Weight Loss

Looking for an effective weight loss tip, then the following tip might come handy to you. In the morning, having bananas and drinking hot water brings good benefits in reducing weight. Obesity can be decreased by consuming a cup of hot water along with bananas.

Due to the starch and healthy carbohydrate, it aids in decreasing obesity. This will also give you energy. Banana increases the level of metabolism in the body and improves digestion. Fiber in bananas helps in preventing constipation and also helps to get you flat stomach.