Eat Papaya, Be Healthy!

Fruits are beneficial for health, but you do not know the specific benefits of health for these fruits. There is always talk of papaya being hot or should not eat in the summer or in cold weather; however, do you know the benefits of eating papaya?

  • Papaya contains folic acid that boosts circulation to the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.
  • It is a rich source of dietary fiber, which is beneficial for digestive system. It contains papain – a protein-dissolving enzyme that eases many stomach ailments and helps in digestion.
  • It helps in reducing the pain that results from arthritis, due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Papaya stimulates the production of estrogen, which helps in normalizing the period cycle. Papain helps to regulate and ease the flow of blood during menstruation.
  • It is a good option to consume for people having diabetes, since it is low in sugar.
  • When consumed in small quantities, it is beneficial for pregnant women to get rid of morning sickness and nausea.
  • Rich in Vitamin A and C it helps to lighten the skin.
  • Due to its exfoliating properties, it can be used to treat melasma.
  • Due to rich content of Vitamin A, papaya is an excellent choice for keeping your eyes healthy.
  • It helps in reducing inflammation in the lungs.
  • Helps in increasing the platelet count. Consuming papaya leaf juice is effective for those suffering with dengue, since it boosts the platelet count.

Do You Know The Benefits Of Eating Tomatoes?

How regularly you consume tomatoes on daily basis? Of course, the answer is straight Yes. It has an incredible beneficial effect on your health and has ability to prevent lot of diseases if consumed on daily basis.

  • Tomatoes are rich in potassium, a mineral known to lower blood pressure levels. The potassium in tomatoes also regulates fluids and maintains mineral balance.
  • Tomatoes are rich source of vitamin A, which is excellent for healthy eyes.
  • Tomatoes can significantly reduce body fat, body weight and waist circumference.
  • Lycopene present in tomatoes helps in fighting skin inflammation and cellular damage.
  • Tomatoes contain three antioxidants called zeta-carotene, phytofluene, and phytoene which helps in fighting inflammation and the associated diseases like cancer and arthritis.
  • Tomatoes helps in increasing the bioavailability of iron.
  • Improves the functioning of digestive system and liver.
  • Tomatoes are rich sources of beta-carotene, folate and flavonoids – all of which are helpful for cardiovascular health.
  • Consuming tomatoes during pregnancy keeps woman and her baby healthy. It also helps in the formation of healthy bones, gums and teeth.

Why You Should Eat Garlic Regularly?

Many people around the world know that garlic enhances the taste and flavor of food; however there are many uses of garlic in addition to this and hence it has an importance in Ayurveda.

  • Garlic is highly nutritious and low in calories
  • It prevents and reduces the severity of common illness like flu and common cold
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease by improving the cholesterol levels
  • It can help detoxify heavy metals in the body
  • Rich in antioxidants garlic promotes immunity
  • Protects against osteoarthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • It is a natural antibiotic, destroying bacteria that become immune to antibiotics
  • It has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties
  • It enables proper blood flow and enhances circulatory health
  • Allicin, a substance present in garlic helps in stabilizing blood sugar
  • Inhalation of garlic reduces snoring

Bananas And Hot Water For Weight Loss

Looking for an effective weight loss tip, then the following tip might come handy to you. In the morning, having bananas and drinking hot water brings good benefits in reducing weight. Obesity can be decreased by consuming a cup of hot water along with bananas.

Due to the starch and healthy carbohydrate, it aids in decreasing obesity. This will also give you energy. Banana increases the level of metabolism in the body and improves digestion. Fiber in bananas helps in preventing constipation and also helps to get you flat stomach.

Lose Weight By Heavy Breakfast

The morning breakfast should be like a king and dinner should be like a pastime. According to researchers, due to early morning breakfast and mid-dinner meals, Body Mass Index (BMI) reduces. Heavy breakfast reduces total use of energy, improves diet, improves quality, reduces blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. On the other hand, eating too much in the evening, the body has a different effect due to adverse effects.

According to researchers, people should have a morning breakfast and lunch for healthy and proper weight. In the morning you should have more food for breakfast, since it is important for an optimal metabolism and preventing abdominal obesity. Eating a large meal late in the day may upset the circadian clock and lead to obesity. If you are really serious about losing weight, then start your day with heavy breakfast.

Reduce Fat In 6 Natural Ways

Everyone wants to have slim and trim body, hence there are many products available to help reduce fat and weight loss in the market. The use of chemicals is widely used in the products sold in the market, however it is very dangerous for the body to consume it which results in different side effects in the body. Reducing fat in natural way will take some time definitely; however there will be no side-effects which will harm your body.

1. Garlic
Garlic is a natural antioxidant. Consuming garlic helps in reducing blood sugar and fat.

2. Green Tea
Green tea is currently used to reduce weight and is very popular for the last few years. There are compounds called catechins in Green Tea. It helps to reduce fat.

3. Banana
If you have a habit of eating fruit, start eating bananas right away. It helps to reduce weight.

4. Peppermint
Put mint leaves in a cup of warm water. Mint is useful for reducing belly fat.

5. Cinnamon
You can use cinnamon to lose weight. In the morning breakfast and before you go, add one spoon of cinnamon powder to one cup of water. You will definitely see the difference in your drinks every day for a few days.

6. Apple
Eating apple helps in reducing body fat. Appetite does not take place soon as apples contain potassium which helps to lose weight.