5 Best Natural Cures For A Sore Throat

Sore throats can be the worst. It starts with that scratchy irritation, and before you know it you’re cringing with every painful swallow.  They can come from viral infections, bacterial infections, allergies, and even muscle strains. So unless you’re a superhero, there’s a good chance you’ve had one before.

But you don’t need a cape or even OTC medicine to get some relief. Try these science-backed strategies including dessert to feel better fast.

1. Sage

Sage can soothe that nasty sore throat thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Try using it in your tea preparation, it will give you a soothing relief.

2. Licorice Root

Licorice Root Tea is worth sipping to get rid of sore throat. It is also beneficial in cases of heartburn, cold and cough.

3. Honey

Adding honey to warm water or tea is known to have fast relief from sore throat issues. It is one of the remedy used from ancient times and it really works very good.

4. Ice Cream, Fro-Yo, and Popsicles

Health experts suggest eating soft cold or frozen foods helps in ease the pain of scratchy throats. It’s rare to hear the advice that ice cream will do you good, so you might as well take advantage with a few scoops.

5. Rest

This cannot be emphasized enough. Taking a break and resting your voice is one of the best ways to feel better faster. Instead of chatting on the phone to a friend, try silent meditation or a nap. Let your body come back from whatever infection it is fighting, and you can get back to being your best self. (Bonus: This one is absolutely 100 percent free!)

Benefits Of Eating Bananas Regularly

It is a myth that eating bananas increases obesity; however eating bananas does not increase weight, but has lot of health benefits. Following are benefits of eating bananas:

  • It keeps blood pressure under control.
  • It makes bones strong and is beneficial for women.
  • Eating bananas decreases the depression.
  • Vitamin B6 in banana prevents blood glucose.
  • Iron in the banana reduces the risk of anemia.
  • It helps in reducing morning fatigue.

Try This Drink To Reduce Obesity

People do not pay attention to what they eat and drink, because of their busy lifestyle and hence, most people are suffering from obesity problems. This tip will help you in reducing fat from the body. Eight glasses of water, one spoon of ginger, a cucumber, a lemon and 12 mint leaves. Fill all these ingredients in one jug and keep it overnight. Because of this, the juice of cucumber, lemon and mint will be gathered in water. Filter this water in the morning. Take this water throughout the day. This will help reduce excess fat in the body.

Wanna Get Rid Of Acidity And Lose Weight, Then Do This…

If you are suffering from acidity and also want to reduce body fat, start drinking lemon juice in a warm glass of water in the morning. Before doing this, you should consult a doctor. Lemon water helps you in getting rid of acidity in one week and it also helps in reducing body fat.

When you take lemon in warm water; pay attention to it being more fresh and sour. Try this and you will notice a difference in a week’s time in your acidity and weight issues.